Our Valley What's Next reports to the community

Our Valley What's Next (Nuestro Valle Que Sigue) has released reports on community surveys it conducted in summer 2016 and fall 2015. These reports are helping shape Our Valley's Phase II work in 2016. Phase II includes developing plans and strategies to guide Our Valley in future years. 

Survey Report SUMMER 2016SURVEY REPORT FALL 2015

TAKE THE SURVEYS ON OUR community projects!

Please help Our Valley What’s Next prioritize which projects should be part of the community's Action Plan by taking one or all of the following six surveys. Each survey focuses on a specific topic area.
We thank you in advance!

How We Prosper survey
How We Plan and Grow survey
How We Sustain Our Environment survey
How We Live and Care For One Another survey
How We Learn and Create survey
How We Participate and Decide survey

Encuesta sobre "Como Prosperamos"
Encuesta sobre "Como Planeamos y Crecemos"
Encuesta sobre "Como Mantenemos Nuestro Medio Ambiente"
Encuesta sobre "Como Podemos Apoyarnos el Uno al Otro"
Encuesta sobre "Como Podemos Aprender y Crear"
Encuesta sobre "Como Participamos y Hacemos Decisiones"


We need your help! Be a part of the conversation!

With your input the “Our Valley… What’s Next” effort will identify ideas and goals that will define strategies to help us achieve priority outcomes for our future in the following areas:

Core Team of Listeners

The outcome of the “Our Valley…What’s Next” project will be determined by community input. This process is managed by representatives from  25 different businesses and organizations, including a core team of listeners representing the following organizations:

Join us in shaping the future of Our Valley!

Guiding Principles:

With input from community partners in Our Valley, 10 guiding principles have been developed to help guide this effort:

Vision and Action

Develop a regional vision and a strategic action plan for achieving that vision.

Regional Focus

Maintain a broad regional focus centered on the cities of Wenatchee and East Wenatchee, but with no specific geographic or jurisdictional boundaries for the process. (Note: Boundaries may apply to specific trends or indicators used by the process.)

Independent Process

An independent, non-partisan process is critical, based on input from numerous and diverse sources that will develop goals and strategies for the entire community.

Community Sponsors

Engage all major sectors (public, private, civic) in sponsoring and funding the process.

Broad Engagement

Promote broad cultural diversity and  community engagement in the process by the public-at-large from across the region

Extensive Outreach

Reach out to traditional non-participating populations, including Latinos, millennials, lower-income residents, rural communities, etc.

Community Learning

Learn from reports and plans developed in recent years by other community-based organizations and jurisdictions in the region.

Community Partners

Identify leaders and supporting community partners from across the region in developing and implementing specific actions.

Targets and Measures

Link planned actions to specific indicators, targets and measures.

Easy Wins and Game Changers

Target implementations of “easy win” actions, as well as bold, game-changing initiatives that help us achieve the vision.